Experience the best noodles from all over Asia

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Imported Ramen From Asia - Ramen Crate

What's Inside

Nood lovers we have the perfect box for you. Our ramen box comes with an assortment of instant noodles, sourced and picked from all over the world. Each box has a cooking guide to help you cook each ramen, to perfection.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • A good assortment of ramen, never knew there world had so much instant noodles

    Ted Lee Customer
  • Awesome box! Our family loved the Japanese ramen

    Kelly Customer
  • Family loved this box! Perfect way for the kids to eat a lunch/snack

    Thomas William Customer
  • It was really fun to try all the different kinds of noodles

    Brian Sheckler Customer
  • Who knew packaged ramen was so much better outside of the US

    Hector Vasquez Customer
  • Delicious!

    Brady Tom Customer
  • Really hit the nail on the end with the selection. It was well balanced

    Heather Kim Customer
  • Loved the Korean ones. They were large in portion and tasted the best

    Eunus Thompson Customer

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