Take a Trip to Korea

Starting at $18.40/Month
Korean Snack Box Subscription from South Korea

What's Inside

Are you a Korean snack lover or maybe you just want to see what all the fuss is about? Our Korea box is the perfect box for you. Each Korea Box includes the best snacks from South Korea and also a handy brochure to help you navigate your snack adventure.

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How It Works

  • Choose From Our Boxes

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    Pick your box size and subscription plan.

  • We'll Fill Your Box With Snacks

    Put us to work

    We'll import the tastiest snacks from South Korea and assmeble them in one our boxes. You can also add additional snacks to your box each month.

  • Fast Shipping

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    Your first box will ship out within 1-5 business days. Future boxes will ship out by the 2nd half of each month

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    Receive your box and take your taste buds on a world tour!


See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • You guys are doing a great job. The Korea Box is great. I tried the Canadian chips. The chips were very good!

    Daegan Stewart Customer
  • Great packaging and portion sizes worth the price! Super cute, thanks you guys!

    Alicia Customer
  • This is such a fun way to try new things. I never thought I would be able to try items from other countries. This box was a great mix of treats. I can’t wait to see what I get next.

    Hippieash Customer
  • My husband and I love our first Korean Box. We did not know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised with all the goodies! We cannot wait for the next one!

    Angela Sucatre Customer
  • I love this box There are so many yummy things to eat in it.

    Willow Brown Customer
  • I was always interested in trying different type of snacks, and this box was definitely worth the purchase if you’re interested in trying new things.

    Alia Bogos Customer
  • I bought this for my 17 year old daughter who is very interested in other cultures -food, clothing, etc. She absolutely loves it. Can't wait for more boxes!

    Melody Dollarhide Customer
  • This was really fun. I will say, I thought some of the snacks would be a bit better. I think I will try the korea box next

    Lauren Customer

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Korea Box!

Great packaging and portion sizes worth the price! Super cute, thanks you guys!

Reid Jessica
Korean snacks

It was amazing we truly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next box!

Yes I’m on soundcloud

I really did enjoy the box some treats didn’t treat my taste buds but I would purchase this again 🔥

Great Snacks

Always a delicious assortment of snacks. I really enjoy getting this box each month.

Jaleesa Villareal

Everything was amazing! I will continue to order from you guys! Great customer service!

Amy Williams
It was really good!

I loved the box. It had some amazing stuff in there. Unfortunately, since I'm vegetarian and do not consume animal products, there were 5 items in it I couldn't eat. So, I had to give them away. But that's okay! I still enjoyed everything else. :) I was overall very satisfied.

Liz Hayes
Such a great gift!!

My nephew is half Korean and doesn’t have many opportunities to explore his heritage. This Korean snack pack was a perfect gift for his 18 birthday. Besides all the packages being colorful the snacks are tasty too!!! He LOVES it.

Mashiyate Meem

I loved all the snacks I received! Have recommended these to my friends

Nathan Nowack
Wonderful Selections

Love all that was in it. The packaging, the menu, the selections and variety. Great box and I can't wait to see more!

Interesting Variety

I ordered the Premium Korea Box and it arrived within 2 weeks. It was a very fun experience to try the snacks with my family!! I'd reccomend it if you want to try a variety of Korean snacks. My box came with a barley soda drink, fruit chews, a jelly candy, some chips, and some cookies/wafers.