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Munch Addict
Tamara Toukaeva
Valentine's Day Surprise!

My husband loved his gift box! A good assortment of fun snacks. We enjoyed some tonight with our favorite TV show. Luckily I ordered early enough to account for any shipping delays. Thanks Munch Addict team!

Munch Addict
Tosha Bailey
Loved it

Tried this with my kids and we loved it , of course there was a couple things we didn’t like but that comes with trying new things . Cant wait for the next box!

Munch Addict
Dakota L Best
Love it

I absolutely love this box. I would definitely recommend to others. #munchaddict

Munch Addict
Extremely happy customer!!!

We just received our 2nd box, there's definitely "different" snacks that most of us aren't used to, i think its cool to be able to show the kids the different snacks other kids have in other countries! It Had a nice variety of different items! My 1st box had an item bust opening delivery and it got all over the other items, so the company had apologized and said they would take that item out of any future boxes,(had 2 in my box so I ate the unopened one and I loved it tho!) And they also sent me a replacement box for my troubles!! Thank you MUNCH ADDICT!! My kids were thrilled when they got their 2nd box,🍭🍬 arrived sooner then I expected!! You guys have gone above and beyond my expectations for making the situation right!! U guys are awesome!!!🤗👍👍... one of my pix has a few of the items I had left over from the month b4 above the box....

Munch Addict
David Lavender

The package came so fast and it had no damage

Munch Addict
Pretty good!

Overall pretty good but saw a opened wrapper other than that it’s amazing!

Loved it !!!👍🏻

Got my box today and loved everything inside it . Already can’t wait to get the next box so excited and worth the wait and worth the money. I don’t think I’ll ever cancel my subscription.

Munch Addict
Jess West
Overall Good Product

This product is overall awesome, but when I got to my Botan Rice Candy, the snack and it’s wrapper had become one, making it impossible to unwrap the clear plastic outer coating. This was unfortunate as I missed out on a snack, but everything else was good.

Munch Addict
Brie LaBatt
Fantastic and Delicious Treats

This box is a MUST TRY! Been looking for a box like this for about 3 months now and when I found Munch Addict, I fell in love lol can’t wait for next months box!!

So happy!!

Just got my first box today, and I am BEYOND happy with it. I was wondering if it was going to be worth the money, but for me it definitely is! Loved the variety of different types of snacks!

Munch Addict
Great Customer Service!

Loved trying Munch Addict! Great snacks in boxes, never damaged and always on time. Great customer service that responds quickly.

Munch Addict
Torry Pella

This was an awesome box, definitely filled to the top. I was surprised at how many different items were in it. Definitely recommended.


loved everything in the box!!

My first box was awesome!

My boyfriend and I loved all of the treats, even the ones we didn't think we would. I've ordered more already.
The login system is a bit weird though. I was able to log in with my email while making an order but when I try to login to the site it says there's no account, I'm not sure how to fix it.


Please try creating an account with the exact same email you purchased with or using our forgot password feature. You should be able to see your account.

So much fun

Ordered this for a friend and myself. We ended up with 5 of us all trying the box when it came in. Can't wait for the next box!!

Munch Addict
Michaele J Mayer

So this is a pretty cool thing to do oh, it's a lot of fun to see the exciting different munchie type stuff from all over the world and a lot of it is pretty darn good



Munch Addict
Who wouldn't want delicious snacks delivered to their door every month?!

Who wouldn’t want delicious snacks delivered to their door every month?! Munch Addict features new and popular snacks from around the world. BIG thanks to @munchaddictofficial for sending us a sample! Can’t wait to dig in!