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Embark on a gastronomic journey through the United Kingdom with our meticulously curated United Kingdom Box, a delightful collection of 10 iconic British snacks and treats that capture the essence of British cuisine. Whether you're a fan of classic British flavors or eager to explore the culinary traditions of this historic nation, our United Kingdom Box promises a memorable and delectable experience.

What's Inside

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Chewits Fruit Salad Stick (UK)


Enjoy the fruity delight of Chewits Fruit Salad Stick from the UK. A chewy and fruity candy treat.

Nestle Lion White Chocolate Bar (United Kingdom)


Treat yourself to the Nestle Lion White Chocolate Bar from the United Kingdom. Creamy white chocolate with a hint of caramel for a delightful snack.

Nestle Animal Bar (UK)


Delight in the nostalgic taste of Nestle Animal Bar from the UK. A childhood-favorite chocolate bar.

Walkers French fries (UK)


Walkers French fries, a classic snack from the United Kingdom, are thin and crispy potato sticks perfect for munching.

Walkers Shortbread Fingers (UK)


Enjoy the classic taste of Walkers Shortbread Fingers from the UK. Delicate and buttery shortbread biscuits.

Cadbury DoubleDecker (United Kingdom)


A contrasting combination of crispy cereal and soft, pillowy nougat, layered up and coated in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate, giving you two bars in one!

Roundtree's Fruit Gum (United Kingdom)


Indulge in the fruity delight of Rowntree's Fruit Gums. Bursting with vibrant flavors like strawberry, orange, blackcurrant, lemon, and lime, these chewy candies offer a deliciously juicy treat that has been enjoyed by generations in the United Kingdom.

Cadbury Freddo Standard (UK)


Relish the iconic Cadbury Freddo Standard from the UK. A delightful and creamy chocolate treat.

Rowntree's Jelly Tots (United Kingdom)


Jelly Tots are made with a gelatin-based jelly center that has a soft and chewy texture. They are typically shaped like small, rounded cylinders or discs. Each candy is coated in sugar, which adds a sweet and slightly crunchy outer layer. The flavors of Jelly Tots include strawberry, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, and orange

Walkers Monster Munch (United Kingdom)


Walker's Monster Munch Flamin' Hot is an intense flavor explosion in every bite. These monster-shaped crisps bring the heat with a fiery punch that's irresistibly spicy. Snack enthusiasts seeking a bold and spicy kick will delight in the flaming hot goodness of these iconic crisps. Spice up your snack time with Monster Munch!