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It's a mystery each month! We scour the globe for the newest, tastiest and most delicious snacks around the world.

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"1st box. Went live when I tried them. It was great"

Robyn Brockman

"My humans favorite snacks!"


"I just got my first package ever. This is the coolest thing and my son loved it. Thank you so much!"

Mary Craig

"What a great surprise every month!"


"i got my first @munchaddictofficial box today and i. am. stoked."


"My first #munchaddict box got here. @munchaddictofficial I’m so excited! "


"So this was a fun surprise today for the kids!"

Starting at $15
4 different sizes to choose from

Our customers love us!

Based on 132 reviews
Extremely happy customer!!!
Pretty good!
Loved it !!!👍🏻
Overall Good Product
Priscilla, We realized this Lollipop had a weak packaging so we've removed it from our boxes completely. Please reach out to us we would be glad to send you some replacement snacks absolutely free :)
So this was a fun surprise
got my first munch addict box!
This is the coolest thing
They are delicious!
Stephanies second box
1st box.
My first box can't wait to try it!!!
Snack time!
My first box was awesome!
Emily, Please try creating an account with the exact same email you purchased with or using our forgot password feature. You should be able to see your account.
So much fun
Who wouldn't want delicious snacks delivered to their door every month?!

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Starting at $15
4 different sizes to choose from

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