Give the gift of snacks

We've made it easy to gift someone snacks via gift cards.  These are great if you don't have your recipient's address, you want to send them a gift card at a specific time, or you want to give them the ability to choose what they want for themselves.

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Why gift cards over our standard gifting?


Don't know your recipient's address?  Gift cards are perfect so the user can decide where he or she wants to send their box

Schedule your gift

Wan't to have your recipient receive their gift card at a certain time?  No problem! You can schedule when they receive it.

Let them choose

Let your recipient choose what box or snacks they want, relieving the pressure of you making a hard decision.

Customized gift card sent directly to your loved one

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of gifting are there at Munch Addict?  I'm confused.

We have two types of gifting at Munch Addict, sending a gift box and sending a gift card.  If you have your recipient's address and want to ship them a box now, you can use our get started page and send them a gift now.  If you don't have their address or want to send them a gift at a certain time then a gift card is the option you want as it allows the customer to use a voucher to redeem whatever and whenever they want.

Do these gift cards expire?

No, gift cards will never expire as long as we're in business!

How do I redeem a gift card?

At checkout there is a place for you to redeem your gift card.  Depending on what you purchase, there are two possible places to insert your gift card code.

Mobile Deivce:


Can I send a custom message to my recipient?

Absolutely!  Our gifting process makes it easy to send your recipient a custom message.  When they receive the link to their gift card they will have a custom message.

When will my recipient receive their gift card?

The beauty of our gifting process is that you can schedule when the recipient will receive their gift card.  You can send it to them immediately or you can schedule to send on their birthday, a holiday or whenever you choose.

What products does the gift card apply?

These gift cards apply to ALL products on our website.  The only limitation is they cannot be used for a recurring charge.  For example, it cannot be used for an active subscription that has already been running past the first month.  If you already have a subscription open and try to apply it to your second month of billing, it will not work.

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