Satisfy your craving with our many options. We have 4 different boxes to fufill all of your snack cravings. Don't forget to add a drink so you have something to wash it down with.


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Although one snack did arrive opened(could have just ripped during transit), every thing else has been great! My boyfriend and I can’t wait to try the next box!

So cool

Everything taste pretty great for the most part! They did a great job curating our snack box.

Definitely worth the try

I've always wanted to try durian fruit so this was perfect! The taste was like a vanilla custard and the outside was like a crunch litter wafer. I would definitely recommend these!!

Second best snack I received

This one was actually so good? It tasted really similar to chicken in a way that made me crave actual peppercorn chicken! It was a bit spicy, but that's something that I like personally. I offered some to family and they absolutely snagged the bag and ate it all within a few minutes! 😭

Not the best picture, but it's all I took before it was all gone. Looks exactly as advertised, and the bag isn't one of those small bags. Only problem I had is that the chips were only filled at the bottom, as opposed to a normal bag of Doritos that are filled halfway.

Surprisingly good!

Not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical about the snacks I received. I was afraid they'd be expired, stale, or just overall not taste good, but I was pleasantly surprised! This cream soda was the best of them in my opinion, tasting quite sweet without being over the top sweet, with a hint of creaminess, and tasted really good when chilled! Even my picky sister wanted more.

Overall really enjoyed this product to my surprise! Will definitely shop again sometime soon, Munch Addit is a really underrated snack company. 🫶

Munch Drink

I got the brown sugar boba tea drink with my box and it was DELICIOUS. It really complimented the box’s snacks very well. Loved it and the snack box experience itself

Cute Snack Box

This was a present for my sister and she loved it! Very cute and it came with 15 snacks!

Such a fun gift idea!

Gave this to my daughter for a Christmas present and she loves that she will get mail once a month! She loves all the snacks in her pack and is so excited for the next one to come!

First Time Munch Addict Subscriber

I ordered this for my daughter as a gift, she absolutely LOVED IT. She was excited to try each snack and the card that tells you where the snack comes from made it like an adventure with each bite! Thanks Munch Addict

Great snack box

This box contained a good variety of snacks that were tasty. If you’re looking for some snacks from across the world, I definitely recommend buying this product.


The first box was good. I enjoy eating junk food from all over the 🌎.

Haven’t tried yet

Got this as a gift for my teenage daughter so haven’t tried any of the snacks yet but I think she will love it!!

Fun for the Family!

My son loves when his Munch Addict Box arrives every month, he really enjoys sharing all of the different snacks from around the world with his family and friends. As a parent I appreciate the detail the curators put on their information card, including a description and the origin of each item. Definitely one of our favorite subscriptions.

Great gift

I bought this for my daughter and her wife for Christmas. They love trying new things. They loved it and they get to enjoy something new every month

Loved our Munch Box!

I love the variety of snacks! This was a lot of fun to make a TikTok with the kids. The kids loved all the snacks.

Fun Christmas gift

Bought a monthly subscription of 10 treats and 2 beverages for my teen boys. They look forward to it every month.

Great Snacks, Confusing Snack Description Sheet

My wife has both enjoyed the snack box and the international ramen/instant noodle bowl box I received. They were birthday presents for her. Although I did nab a couple of the sweet treats as she prefers savory. I really liked that I could add on extra snacks to remind her of her many travels from when she lived overseas. She especially enjoyed the brownie choco chip cookie , the honey butter chip and the sesame snack sticks, to name a few. She did mention that she was really hoping for prawn chips, as those were some of her go-to snacks when in Korea. The only complaint is the sheet that comes with the box. It has a picture of each snack and a very minimal description. We’ve tried other snack boxes that come with cards with information about the country and a very detailed description of each snack (one even had a fun little place to rate each snack, which our family thoroughly enjoyed doing together!). However, this box is fantastic as far picking the country and being able to add on extra nibbles. Thanks for the yummy snacks!

Great products can’t wait to try this month

Had a great variety of snacks only complaint was the package was severely damaged when I got to my home


For my daughter‘s 18th BTS theme at the birthday party I ordered this for her as a surprise and she loved it. We had so much fun together tasting the different variety things that were included. Becoming a subscription member.

Best snack box I have tasted!

This was the best box I have received. The products were all fresh with a long expiration date (2022). I love the snack guide that is provided so you can know what the product is and where it is from. Very fun, exciting and delicious box.

Best Subscription Ever (My TikTok Fans Love It!)

I have had a subscription and I have had multiple live streams featuring me and my friends/family trying Munch Addict, and every time it has been not only an experience but a good time! The diversity of the different candies is beyond explanation, the mass amount of countries that the candies come from is unimaginable, and my fans on my TikTok, @itspeytonc27, enjoy the live streams that are held! The reactions from some of the candies can be mind-blowing or just downright hilarious! I love Munch Addict and you can guarantee that I will keep my subscription through them for a very long time! Plus I would love to give a shoutout in a video for you because you deserve it!

It’s ok

I feel it was to hyped up for what yo get I felt like it was going to be better the. What it was. Snacks are good just not what I thought

Standard Box (5 Snacks)
Alexis Woodbury
Munch addict

It was delicious I can’t wait for the next box

Standard Box (5 Snacks)
Savannah Dunbar

I loved all the different snacks I got in my box and I can’t wait for my next box!


11oz of Piñata Sized Candy

We'll fill your box with 11oz of delicious Piñata candy

Hi-Chew flavor pack

8 Delicious Flavors

  • 1x Hi-Chew Acai Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Strawberry Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Watermelon Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Kiwi Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Mango Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Green Apple Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Banana Bar

  • 1x Hi-Chew Grape

Hi-Chew 2020 pack

3 Limited Time Special Flavors

  • 1x Hi-Chew Yogurt (2.82oz)

  • 1x Hi-Chew Sweet & Sour (2.82oz)

  • 1x Hi-Chew Soda Pop (2.82oz)

Japanese Puchao flavor pack

  • 1x Puchao Cola Bar

  • 1x Puchao Strawberry Bar

  • 1x  Puchao Mango Bar                

  • 1x Puchao Grape 

  • 1x Puchao Melon Bar

  • 1x Puchao Ramune

  • 1x Puchao Matcha Bag (3.17oz)