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Now and Later Chewy (US)

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Chewy Now and Laters in an 18-piece pack. There are 3 pieces of 3 flavors in each package, which Include summer flavors of Watermelon, banana and strawberry

The original slogan for Now & Later was "Eat some now, save some for later." But that’s just a silly concept -- these taffy-like treats are so delicious, who could ever resist eating the whole package at once? Each chewy piece may last quite a while, but the idea of setting aside a few candies to enjoy upon another occasion is rather outrageous. The slogan was eventually changed to "Hard 'N Fruity Now and Soft 'N Chewy Later," (presumably after many cries of "False advertising! I don’t have the willpower to save this for later!"), and that is the tagline by which we know them today.