Try the best Kit Kats from Japan

Get a taste of Japanese chocolate for $35.00


What's inside?

The Munch Addict Japanese Kit Kat Bundle features FOUR amazing bags of unique Japanese Kit Kat flavors

Kit Kat Otona Dark Chocolate (14 pcs)

This delightful snack is quite bitter because dark chocolate/ Otono no Masa is a less sweet version of the regular Kit Kat. Covered in dark chocolate and filled with a delicious wafer, this Kit Kat is made with no artificial colors and all-natural flavors. Comes with 14 individual Kit Kat bars to munch on.

Kit Kat Raspberry (13 pcs)

Sweet and tart raspberry flavored Nestle white chocolate layered over crispy Kit Kat wafers, this Japanese Kit Kat flavor is delicious. Comes with 13 individual bars to munch on.

Kit Kat Whole Grain Biscuit (13 pcs)

These sweet Kit Kats are a first for Japan. Inside the chocolate you’ll find light and crunchy whole grain biscuit pieces. Comes with 13 individual Kit Kat bars to munch on.

Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea (14 pcs)

Matcha Green Tea Bar is a refreshing new flavor with the perfect balance of Kit Kat crisp wafer enrobed in a smooth Matcha Green Tea Coating. Made with real Green Tea Matcha Powder. Comes with 14 individual Kit Kat bars to munch on.

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Lotte Jellycious Jaws (Korea)


Lay's Crab (China)


Caplico No Atama Ichigo (Japan)


Piñata Candy (11 oz)


Japanese Kit Kat Bundle - 4 Bags (54 pcs)

Our reviews speak for themselves

Customer Reviews

Based on 1964 reviews
Jasmine Hernandez

Although one snack did arrive opened(could have just ripped during transit), every thing else has been great! My boyfriend and I can’t wait to try the next box!

Gabrielle Scott
So cool

Everything taste pretty great for the most part! They did a great job curating our snack box.

Kiara Ponce De Leon
Cute Snack Box

This was a present for my sister and she loved it! Very cute and it came with 15 snacks!

Susie Marshall
Such a fun gift idea!

Gave this to my daughter for a Christmas present and she loves that she will get mail once a month! She loves all the snacks in her pack and is so excited for the next one to come!

Candice Kimmons
First Time Munch Addict Subscriber

I ordered this for my daughter as a gift, she absolutely LOVED IT. She was excited to try each snack and the card that tells you where the snack comes from made it like an adventure with each bite! Thanks Munch Addict


The first box was good. I enjoy eating junk food from all over the 🌎.

Jessica Woodward
Haven’t tried yet

Got this as a gift for my teenage daughter so haven’t tried any of the snacks yet but I think she will love it!!

Fun for the Family!

My son loves when his Munch Addict Box arrives every month, he really enjoys sharing all of the different snacks from around the world with his family and friends. As a parent I appreciate the detail the curators put on their information card, including a description and the origin of each item. Definitely one of our favorite subscriptions.

Jill Guiliani
Great gift

I bought this for my daughter and her wife for Christmas. They love trying new things. They loved it and they get to enjoy something new every month

Lyndsey Whaley
Loved our Munch Box!

I love the variety of snacks! This was a lot of fun to make a TikTok with the kids. The kids loved all the snacks.