Try the best Kit Kats from Japan

Get a taste of Japanese chocolate for $35.00


What's inside?

The Munch Addict Japanese Kit Kat Bundle features FOUR amazing bags of unique Japanese Kit Kat flavors

Kit Kat Otona Dark Chocolate (14 pcs)

This delightful snack is quite bitter because dark chocolate/ Otono no Masa is a less sweet version of the regular Kit Kat. Covered in dark chocolate and filled with a delicious wafer, this Kit Kat is made with no artificial colors and all-natural flavors. Comes with 14 individual Kit Kat bars to munch on.

Kit Kat Raspberry (13 pcs)

Sweet and tart raspberry flavored Nestle white chocolate layered over crispy Kit Kat wafers, this Japanese Kit Kat flavor is delicious. Comes with 13 individual bars to munch on.

Kit Kat Whole Grain Biscuit (13 pcs)

These sweet Kit Kats are a first for Japan. Inside the chocolate you’ll find light and crunchy whole grain biscuit pieces. Comes with 13 individual Kit Kat bars to munch on.

Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea (14 pcs)

Matcha Green Tea Bar is a refreshing new flavor with the perfect balance of Kit Kat crisp wafer enrobed in a smooth Matcha Green Tea Coating. Made with real Green Tea Matcha Powder. Comes with 14 individual Kit Kat bars to munch on.

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Try the most delicious Kit Kat flavors imported directly from Japan. These are some of the most unique flavors that will really make you jump out of your chair.

-Kit Kat Otona Dark Chocolate Bag (14 pcs)

-Kit Kat Raspberry Bag (13 pcs)

-Kit Kat Whole Wheat Biscuit Bag (13 pcs)

-Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea Bag (14 pcs)

Our reviews speak for themselves

Customer Reviews

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Maureen McDonald
Best snack box I have tasted!

This was the best box I have received. The products were all fresh with a long expiration date (2022). I love the snack guide that is provided so you can know what the product is and where it is from. Very fun, exciting and delicious box.

Peyton Cox
Best Subscription Ever (My TikTok Fans Love It!)

I have had a subscription and I have had multiple live streams featuring me and my friends/family trying Munch Addict, and every time it has been not only an experience but a good time! The diversity of the different candies is beyond explanation, the mass amount of countries that the candies come from is unimaginable, and my fans on my TikTok, @itspeytonc27, enjoy the live streams that are held! The reactions from some of the candies can be mind-blowing or just downright hilarious! I love Munch Addict and you can guarantee that I will keep my subscription through them for a very long time! Plus I would love to give a shoutout in a video for you because you deserve it!

It’s ok

I feel it was to hyped up for what yo get I felt like it was going to be better the. What it was. Snacks are good just not what I thought

Alexis Woodbury
Munch addict

It was delicious I can’t wait for the next box

Savannah Dunbar

I loved all the different snacks I got in my box and I can’t wait for my next box!

Brandi milos
snack box

I am in love with thr box I got this month! Do delicious

Jennyleigh Grantham
Homeschool Learning

This is such a fun activity to add to our homeschool.

April Choate
July Box

We loved this latest box! My 5 year old loves the All dressed and ketchup chips!

Amanda Orth

My family loves when the box comes in the mail. We all pick 1 snack out of the box and then try it and share amongst each other. Something little that the family can do together.
Thank you Munch Addict

Jonathan Hinkle
Teenager's loved this!

I got lots of high fives for this purchase!