Ok, we're giving you our final offer

please read below before redeeming your discount

You are about to embark on a special journey that will bring you all the most delicious snacks in the world straight to your door.  We're extremely excited to have you and we're ready to bring you on board ASAP!  Since you opted to receive your first box at a discount, we're going to honor that right now.

In the past we've had customers get a bit confused on how the discounts are applied, so we want to make sure you know how to apply these discounts.  Below we will list the type of boxes there are and the discount we're giving you.  There will be a coupon code associated with it.  Please use this upon checkout, but please remember, enter your email in first or your discount code will not work.

your discount offers:

These plans work on all plans except prepaid.  Prepaid plans already have a discount applied.  Please copy the corresponding code to the box you want to order.  These discounts can be used on a subscription or a gift.

Standard Box - Munch Addict

Standard Box

5 Full-Size Snacks

40% OFF

CODE: VA-193

Premium Box - Munch Addict

Premium Box

10 Full-Size Snacks

40% OFF

CODE: VA-193

Deluxe Box - Munch Addict

Deluxe Box

15 Full-Size Snacks

15% OFF

CODE: BW-682

The Motherload - Munch Addict

The Motherload

60 Full-Size Snacks

15% OFF

CODE: BW-682

Mexico Box

Mexico Box

50+ Snacks

15% OFF


Thank you for shopping with us! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at support@munchaddict.com