Becoming a Snack Crate Subscription Company

Our Story Becoming a Snack Crate Subscription Company

We started Munch Addict because we were truly enthusiastic about traveling and buying home snacks from all the different countries we visited.  We got to thinking it would be a great idea to share this experience with the world.

That's when we decided to create a snack crate subscription service that would allow us to connect with passionate snackers and show them the best in the world.  We knew it would be a hit as long as people tried our boxes... Guess what?  We were right!

Our snack crate had to be competitive

We knew right away that there were other subscription snack boxes out there so we decided to order one from all the ones we could find.  We noticed some of the pros and cons to each one and decided to come up with our own.

After seeing a bunch of subscription boxes, we decided our philosophy would be no matter what goes in the box, it has to be tasty.  We have several people that try it to see if its generally popular and then we include that in our snack crate.

We felt some boxes had great display and cool art, but those never turned out to be the tastiest ones.  It's as if they spent more money on the packaging than actually finding stuff that tastes good.

Finding all the stuff that go in our snack crate was joyful

This is the fun part:  deciding what to put in to our crate.  We came up with a list of over 500 snacks we wanted to put in our boxes in the first few days of brain storming.

We contacted manufactures, suppliers, wholesales and more and we were able to put together our first month's snack box.  Before you know it we were packing boxes daily!

Snack Crate unfolded


Starting our snack crate business has been an epic journey

We started off by packing our very first pre-sale launch in our garage!  People loved the idea and we loved them for their support.  We put in countless hours in the beginning assembling, packing and shipping out boxes.

There would be days where went to the post office 10 times!  That is the type of dedication we want to give to our customers.  We now have a much more automated system that gets your packages out  to your door super quick.

Subscription snack boxes lined up to be shipped out