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Christine Dreger
Great snacks!

The snacks are good, just a little expensive per item…

Parker Wilde
Highly recommend

Absolutely amazing.
The products are fresh from all of the world. Love how you can customize between how much candy or chips/snack cakes and how much you get. Truly a customizable munch box for your wants. I love the added drink!
The company is very responsive and accommodating.
Highly recommend to everyone!!!

Luz Arroyo
Amazingly great

I love it!

Krista Hillenbrand
So fun!

It was so fun trying all the different foods. We made a video that we are going to upload to our social media accounts. Can’t wait for the next box!

Thomas McCraw
Not to bad

Seems like a lot was candy base. Was looking more for a munch snack. But overall not to bad. I would like to see where these snacks come from inside the box. Maybe my first box just didn’t have it. So we will see on the next!

Geneva Dalton
Highly recommended

My kids and I really really enjoyed everything in our box. We enjoyed getting to know the different cultures and their type of snacks which were actually really amazing can’t wait for our next box

Jessica Rumbo
I like new things

Most were delicious but a few I did not like at all but it is the experience that I was looking for and I will be getting more

Shelley Turgeon
A lot of fun

My kids and I had a lot of fun trying all the neat snacks!

Karillys Peralta
Pretty good

They were pretty good and interesting snack wish I would've picked a bigger box with different variety.

Katie Wallin
Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend Munch Addict to people who want to try new things but are tied down at home. It gives a wide variety of snacks and candies from places I never thought I would try! It gives me an idea of places I would love to visit in the future.