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I was pretty pleased with it until i saw that one of the snacks were opened. A little disappointing.

Priscilla, We realized this Lollipop had a weak packaging so we've removed it from our boxes completely. Please reach out to us we would be glad to send you some replacement snacks absolutely free :)
So this was a fun surprise

So this was a fun surprise today for the kids!

got my first munch addict box!

I got my first @munchaddictofficial box today and i. am. stoked. #munchaddict #snacks

This is the coolest thing

I just got my first package ever. This is the coolest thing and my son loved it. Thank you so much I mean much

They are delicious!

About a month or so ago I ordered this Munch Addict subscription (because I found a coupon code) . Once a month they send a box of "munchies" to try. Well this month we received a variety of Chinese snacks (not beef and broccoli). The KitKat was actually green! Snack cakes were a bit dry and had an umm unique flavor. However whatever the red crunchie things are... They are delicious! And I'm sure it's not recommended to share with your dog,but we share everything with him. Soooo Diesel Approves!

Stephanies second box

Stephanies second monthly Munch Addict box.

1st box.

1st box. Went live when I tried them. It was great

My first box can't wait to try it!!!

My first box can't wait to try it!!!

Snack time!

Snack time! Yes that is a toilet. #MunchAddict


loved everything in the box!!

My first box was awesome!

My boyfriend and I loved all of the treats, even the ones we didn't think we would. I've ordered more already.
The login system is a bit weird though. I was able to log in with my email while making an order but when I try to login to the site it says there's no account, I'm not sure how to fix it.

Emily, Please try creating an account with the exact same email you purchased with or using our forgot password feature. You should be able to see your account.
So much fun

Ordered this for a friend and myself. We ended up with 5 of us all trying the box when it came in. Can't wait for the next box!!


So this is a pretty cool thing to do oh, it's a lot of fun to see the exciting different munchie type stuff from all over the world and a lot of it is pretty darn good



Who wouldn't want delicious snacks delivered to their door every month?!

Who wouldn’t want delicious snacks delivered to their door every month?! Munch Addict features new and popular snacks from around the world. BIG thanks to @munchaddictofficial for sending us a sample! Can’t wait to dig in!