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Honey Butter Chips 60g (Korea)

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Details It is the honey butter chip that is the origin of sweet potato chips that caused the Korean honey butter craze. You can feel the original taste by using 100% raw potato. In particular, with a sweet and savory blend of 12-hour fermented French gourmet butter and acacia honey, it boasts an unstoppable attractive taste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

They're not the worst, but also not the best, in my opinion. They initially smelled good, but the instant sweetness was NOT what I was expecting & it threw me off. Ultimately, the flavor I was expecting only came in as an after taste of the chip. I have a love-hate relationship with these chips. My motive for buying them was based off a game I'm playing & I wanted to understand the character's infatuation with these chips. I simultaneously do & don't understand it.

Neyome Wiseman
So far so yummy!!!!

Only gotten one box so far but we have been super pleased with our goodies!

Dominque Simoni
Head coach

These are very exclusive and my daughter is obsessed we loved it.. Can’t get them anywhere else